GlobeMed Lebanon Launches GlobeMed FIT

GlobeMed Lebanon recently introduced a unique wellness platform “GlobeMed FIT” combining fitness, nutrition, health and insurance. “GlobeMed FIT”, a network of these four sections all aimed at helping the user live healthier, with each section dedicated to a different area of their personal health and wellness. 

The App allows the user keep track today of one’s fitness, nutrition, health, follow-up on their own medical history and consistent intake of prescribed drugs, medications or treatments as well as their personal insurance claims; thus benefiting from a virtual health advisor 24 hours a day without moving or spending 20 minutes waiting for a specialist at the other end to answer their queries.

Commenting on the new innovation, GlobeMed Lebanon’s General Manager, Mr. Walid Hallasou said:

“GlobeMed Lebanon has made its mission to manage healthcare in Lebanon, not only as a Third Party Administrator but also as a reference in wellness, healthier living and disease management encouraging people to lead better and healthier lives and ultimately moving the sector from “sick” care to “health” care.


 “A key manifestation of this is GlobeMed’s state-of-the-art FIT app, which constitutes an unparalleled health advisor and an important illustration of how the company utilizes digital tools to create a culture of prevention among the Lebanese population”, he added.

The main aim of “GlobeMed FIT” is to provide a single point of reference for all of the user’s aggregated nutrition, health, fitness and insurance data, and so the more trust and data you can plug into it, the better and more personal it becomes adhering to your health needs as well feeding one with wellness and specific medical advice and articles in relevance to their health status identified by the app. So If you're looking for one, all-inclusive app that will take on all health-related tasks to the next level, “GlobeMed FIT” is the go-to platform.

As a smart application, all four sections of the “GlobeMed FIT” interact with one another in such a way as to track one’s daily activities, monitor food intake and log medical records. These also go hand in hand with another unique addition of a digitized insurance service experience, now made available to GlobeMed insured members.  The GlobeMed FIT App will analyze one’s data across all the above sections and will act as their personal wellness advisor to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, GlobeMed FIT app sets itself as unique being region specific and locally programmed to understand and analyze the “Lebanese and region-specific health scene”; remarkably its local food databases offering calorie counts of Lebanese dishes in addition to its local built-in GPS feeding the user with local insights aside from barcode scanners that can quickly identify calorie counts of your daily intake.

In conclusion, the more trust and personal data fed in by the user, the more the app becomes personal and adhering to your health needs by depositing your data. Get to know FIT available on Google Play and Apple Store. Visit